The LiveByTransit blog is about Chicago, and our bloggers SchoolSparrow, ConservationCoyote, LoopLion, and TransitTurkey all have specific interests in Chicago: including public schools, the Chicago green movement, Chicago architecture, and Chicago public transportation.  We hope you find something in our blog that interests you, and if not, we are always open to suggestions.

The website LiveByTransit.com is owned by New Urban Property Services, LLC, a residential real estate brokerage company that focused primarily on transit locations around Chicagoland, and more recently good real estate in specific neighborhood schools in Chicago.

Tom Brown is the owner of New Urban, and the inspiration for LiveByTransit.com came from his experience finding a home near an el station in Chicago in 2003, which involved coordinating two different maps so it was time consuming and a huge hassle.  Tom built the website LiveByTransit so it will display only properties within a users defined walking distance of a train station.

Fast forward to 2008, and add a small family to the picture.  Tom experienced a similar frustrating property search when looking for a good school in the City to send his daughter to preschool.  Even though Tom is a realtor, he could not do a proper search of all the property available in a specific school, and the 4 or 5 schools that he had identified were found through advice from friends.

Hence the inspiration for SchoolSparrow.com, where not only can a user search within specific school boundaries, but also it will identify potential schools based on the users home budget and desired number of bedrooms.

LiveByTransit.com and SchoolSparrow.com are affiliates of New Urban Property Services.  The websites are there for public use for free, and New Urban uses the site to generate leads to help consumers purchase homes.  New Urban’s niche is finding homes in good school attendance boundaries, and/or within walking distance of public transportation.


2 Responses to About

  1. amber says:

    we’re looking for a rental and the #1 priority is an elementary school with an excellent scorecard. your site combines the unique offerings of ranking the schools, an easy turnkey search and without the annoying broker ads. thanks!

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