On the Go: Jones College Prep

The new Jones College Prep building on south State Street seems to grow larger by the day, as construction crews continue to fill out the interior of the structural skeleton that went up this summer. The last we heard, the school is slated to open its doors to over 1,200 students next fall.

There is apparently some controversy over the fate of the current facility that is located on the north end of the same block (see http://www.reusejones.org and http://blog.chicagoarchitecture.info/2012/09/26/status-update-new-jones-prep-high-school/). However, there is no arguing that the new building will be a welcome addition to the South Loop, both for its sleek, modern design and its positive social impact on the neighborhood.

Jones College Prep is located immediately adjacent to the CTA’s Harrison Red Line stop.



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Chicago Architecture Foundation document and healthcare IT consultant.
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