Why Craigslist Sucks for apartment finding

3 reasons why cragislist sucks for finding an apartment in Chicago:

1. Rental Brokers
2. Rental Brokers
3. Rental Brokers

Rental brokers have their place in the market….they are there for landlords who are unable or unwilling to handle apartment showings on their own.  With the exception of this scenario, I believe rental brokers should not be in the mix.  Rental brokers use craigslist as a lead generation tool, blasting the same listings multiple times a day in hopes of capturing a renter client.  Renters end up with seriously diminished negotiating power by using the rental broker’s “free” service, and Landlords end up paying millions in unnecessary leasing commissions every year in Chicago.  Craigslist is a problem.

Livebytransit.com is an exclusive place for landlords to post listings for rent.  What does exclusive mean?  It means we exclude rental brokers from posting!  Renters are empowered to negotiate and deal directly with landlords.  Renters also benefit from cool search functionality, like search by train station and search by school district.  Landlords can also use this tool to manage their inventory.

Livebytransit.com is in beta mode….please take it for a spin and provide comments.  With your help Livebytransit might just replace craigslist as the go-to site for finding an apartment in Chicago.


About SchoolSparrow

Our mission is to bring equitable school rankings to all families in the US, so that a home purchase decision can be made with a more balanced view of school quality. Today school rankings are biased towards white privileged neighborhoods, we aim to bring equity to school rankings.
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